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Why SRVTRCK advertising technology is an added value for publishers and users

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Why do I see

Added value arises from the content

Good content must be financed. To allow commercial web page operators and content creators to make their offers available free of charge, publishing houses, bloggers, forums & Co. are constantly looking for new revenue models in addition to classic banner advertising and are increasingly turning to performance marketing strategies. This is where YIELDKIT's services come in, offering website owners the opportunity to market their content with in-text advertising. The visible redirection in the browser appears after the click of an link, which the site operators provide to their users as an additional service.

This is how it works:

The links are created based on the individual ideas and specifications of the website operator. By default, YIELDKIT converts existing links to online shops into measurable marketing links. The visitor thus continues to land at the original destination of the link - the only difference is that the website operator receives remuneration for all orders placed via this link.

What is SRVTRCK?

Intelligent technology for successful performance marketing strategies is a firm part of the Hamburg company YIELDKIT. Generally, it is only visible to users through a redirect that is clearly and transparently recognizable for a few seconds after clicking the link. Also, from a technical point of view, the system is very discrete. Website operators only integrate a slim Java Script and actively use tools such as YieldLink, YieldConnect or YieldShare according to their own rules, which can lead to a corresponding forwarding. The technology accesses 60 performance networks and over 45,000 advertisers worldwide and guarantees customized results for publishers and readers. Everything happens automatically and dynamically from the content. The link content is always appropriate to the context and keywords, while the page and user experience itself remains essentially untouched. Almost nothing changes for publishers and readers.


Various integrations without effort

Why users and publishers benefit from the technology

The areas of application are various: Thanks to YieldLink, previous "normal" links can be used as full measurable marketing links; using YieldConnect, certain keywords are transformed into shopping links that match the content. Each content provider decides individually how often and to which advertisers the integrations take place. This means: Users see suitable and complementary products without disadvantage, which also support the website operators financially as an additional source of income when the users click or buy through commissions. This also improves the user experience on a website: The users' reading flow remains undisturbed. The generated advertising always remains relevant to the content; unnecessary pop-ups and banner ads can be reduced if necessary.

about How does it affect me?

What difference it makes

The YIELDKIT services hardly change anything for users - the links on the visited website simply provide additional access to products and services customized to the content. The website operator thus monetizes his efforts without the reader’s flow being disturbed due to an increased number of advertising insertions. All this happens in a user-oriented framework: When, where, and how often corresponding links appear - and to which stores they refer - remains in the hands of the website operator.


Security for data and readers

Personal data remain untouched with

Data security has top priority. Therefore does not collect any personal information. IP addresses etc. remain completely safe and secret. Only general anonymized data (for example: whether the access was made via a cell phone or a PC) is collected for statistical purposes, according to industry standards. Full control by the publisher

All decisions are made by the website operator

All YIELDKIT products are based on Java. Nothing works without the active assistance and integration of the website operators and administrators. Users of a website are therefore always safe: works under the highest quality guidelines at all levels. Therefore, the working method of all YIELDKIT services also corresponds to the legality of data processing according to Art 6 lit. F GDPR.

Advertising with YIELDKIT: Participate?

Strict quality control and many options

Before any YIELDKIT advertisement can appear on a website, a strict quality control is carried out. After the publisher has registered on, YIELDKIT's quality team checks each website for compliance with certain characteristics. This manual process ensures a high standard and generates added value for all parties involved: brands, website owners and users. The effort for publishers is minimal: After approval, the website owner needs to install a tracking code (java script) on his site with just a few clicks. The publisher then has numerous options to define and control his advertising campaigns.

No adware, spyware or malware

Can be removed or deleted?

At no time will software be installed on users' computers. By definition, it cannot be malware (malware, spyware, adware, trojans...). But there are also many myths about redirects, cookies and ad servers: what is really behind the digital tools? Users may ask themselves whether they need to remove or delete But that is neither necessary - nor possible. There is no threat of viruses or other malware to the user's computer. On the contrary: the core of takes place entirely in the cloud - only the operators of the respective website can theoretically decide to no longer use the services of YIELDKIT. In this case, the redirection disappears, but there are also no more measurable marketing links to suitable products created by the tool.


YIELDKIT enables publishers and advertisers to perform their performance marketing strategies in the simplest way, yielding higher revenue and traffic with less effort. Exclusive placements and unique advertiser relations enable us to achieve our clients’ goals with the help of innovative advertising solutions and machine learning technology.


We are 25 technology specialists from 10 different countries working on the permanent development of technical solutions and the best deals for our clients. Exclusive customer service, high-quality industry standards, and individual solutions are our core competencies.

What does YIELDKIT do?

We offer a range of performance-driven solutions to monetize website content for handpicked publishers. Advertising clients can increase their sales as well as their brand awareness through our customized solutions.

Our solution

The YIELDKIT platform is a unique, fully modular API-based tool. With the help of AI technology, advertising campaigns can be optimized in real-time to yield the best possible results for our clients.


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